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Debate 2

Posted by Brian on October 8, 2008

I gave the first debate to McCain due to his command of the issues but I’m marking the second debate as a big win for Obama. He knew the issues and just dominated the stage with his charmisatic and cool presence while McCain was hobbling around like a, well, 72 year-old man. Obama masterfully used McCain’s own words against him and no doubt his story abotu his mother scored well with viewers. And given the dynamic of the race, even a modest win for Obama is a big win, as it was up to McCain to shake up a race he was losing.

What was it… about 3 weeks ago that Johnny Drama had the slight lead i nthe numbers in the left was panicking? But Obama and his team kept their cool and stuck to their playbook. If they go one to win the lection next month, Obama’s election team will surely go down as one of the best in history.

Damn straight…


2 Responses to “Debate 2”

  1. Lorne said

    Brian, I completely agree. I watched about 75% of the debate as I was interrupted by that pesky job of mine, but from what I saw, Obama held his own. Both candidates still avoided many direct answers but Obama evaded less. One telling point, I thought, was the question of prioritising energy, healthcare, and education. McCain said something to the effect that “we can take care of all of them” and Obama stated his priorities clearly and justified them. McCain then turned around later in the debate and criticised Obama, citing that some mythical person would then be left to die as health care would be denied him because Obama doesn’t think it is that important – or words to that effect. I thought it was disgusting that he would evade the answer himself and then take such a cheap shot at someone who actually did answer it. And in no way did Obama say he would work on one of those issues to the exclusion of the others, he simply prioritised them in order of importance as he saw them.

    The Republicans are grasping at anything they can to save them and even though I think neither candidate is particularly great, a vote for Obama is certainly one vote to keep that psycho nut-bar Palin further away from the presidency. I did miss the most controversial “that one” comment. I guess I will dig through YouTube and look for it.


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