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It is one-sided…

Posted by Brian on October 11, 2008

About two years ago I wrote this post lamenting the way the angry and hate-filled right has made America a worse place to live. One time viewer here Richardson chastised me at the time and provided a number of angry quotes from such luminaries of the left as Linda Ronstadt, Margaret Cho, and some guy named Bob Fertik. HIs argument was that the left was just as much to blame, if not more so, for the divisive rancor as the right.

Two years later, McCain rallies are now mob scenes with bloodthirsty partisans hollering things like “kill him,” “traitor,” treason,” and “off with his head,” outbursts that the Secret Service is taking very seriously. Palin accuses him of “palling around with terrorists.” Obama’s middle name of Hussein is thrown around with reckless abandon as if were on his official stationary. Then there is this lovely crowd scene:

And this one has a lovely moment with a child demonstrating how much she has been brainwashed into hating Obama. They start ’em young…

Giving a fair shake to Richardson’s argument, one would expect to see a similar barrage of outbursts by Obama supporters, but you know, it just isn’t there. THe partisan divide in our country is not a case of two sides running away from each other at an equal pace; it’s a matter of one side, the right, using the worst aspects of human nature – hatred of the other, tribalistic tendencies, close-mindedness – in order to win elections. It started in the 1990’s with the witchhunt against Bill Clinton and continues to this day. Unfortunately for McCain, it looks like things have gone too far, and now the few remaining reasonable conservatives are telling McCain to dial it back.


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  1. Anthony said

    Have you seen this?


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