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Biden Rally

Posted by Brian on October 19, 2008

My family and I went to see Joe Biden at an event in Tacoma today. About 100,000 people showed up for the event; it took us 45 minutes just to get in and find a seat. We were told it was the biggest Biden rally ever.

Aside from a few logistics issues, the event was overwhelmingly fun and positive. I didn’t hear any calls of “kill him,” “treason,” or “traitor.” Biden offered a positive message for the country rather than a message of fear and division.  It was beautiful… and the way America is supposed to be.

IF you’re wondering why Biden is spending time in this state (reliably blue at the presidential level) it’s because he was here to help some of the down ticket dems, such as Governor Gregoire and Senators Murry and Cantwell.

Pictures and commentary here.

Go Obama/Biden!!!


One Response to “Biden Rally”

  1. Lorne said

    I really hope the Obam/Biden ticket wins. Not that I think either of them are the “best” choice, but that the McCain/Palin ticket is so, so, much worse. Glad you had fun… but I’m surprised… no pics of you pallin’ around with politicians? Or at least eating a good ol’ fashioned American hotdog?

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