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A moment ruined…

Posted by Brian on November 5, 2008

As I mentioned earlier, I went to the Democratic Party’s election night party at the Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle last night. It was packed with people and we had a pretty good time save for one egrigious screw-up.

We were eagerly waiting 8pm to come around because we expected the networks would imemdiately call California, Oregon, and Wahsington for Obama and put him over the top. SO with less than a minute to go before 8, CNN (which was being shown on the big screens surrounding the center stage) starts doing a second-by-second countdown running up to 8pm. We were all eagerly waiting for the call and the projection of Obama as the next president and I was looking forward to the room blowing up once the news went up. But with about 20 seconds to go, the organizers cut the CNN feed and cut to video of a local democratic party bigwig as he jumped up on the stage. HE stepped to the mic and started talking about how “We did it.” But we i nthe crowd were totally lost. We had no idea that the election had actually been called. After about a minute of this guy jabbering on the guy next to me shows me his Iphone indicating that Obama had received all of the west coast votes. So that’s how I got the news… as a whisper instead of a bang.

And this guy talked for a few more minutes and then introduced Jay Inslee, who spoke for a few minutes and then introduced JimMcDermott who spoke. My feeling was that the crowd wasn’t happy about this night being hijacked by local pols and wanted to go back to the CNN feed to see what the national scene was like. Finally, after about12 minutes or so of these guys talking, they go back to the CNN feed and there we see it: “PResident-elect Barrack Obama.” At that point, 12, minutes late, the place exploded.

LEave it to a democratic organizer to spoil such a wondrous night. I’m guessing he was watching MSNBC or some other network backstage and rushed out on stage as soon as they declared the race, leaving the rest of us confused, in the dark, and missing out on an historic moment.


One Response to “A moment ruined…”

  1. Tony C. said

    The Dems tend to have a mostly right platform, run by people whose competence is questionable. Obama did, however, tend to have some very well run local campaigns, staffed by people who were able to keep things chugging along.

    Sorry the night was marred for you by the local politicos. I ended up watching the results on Fixed Noise (surprisingly subdued, except for one tool who interviewed Nader) with my Republican friends. We ate chicken, drank champagne, and smoked a pair of Cubans while we watched McCain and then Obama speak.

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