m a r k a n d e y a

Competence first!

Posted by Brian on November 14, 2008

THere’s a lot of talk on the left about the degree to which President-Elect Obama will keep his leftist nature as he leads from the White House. Some are worried that his goal of bipartisanship will require a move towards the center, shattering the dreams of progressives on the left who saw a real hero in Obama.

It’s a legitimate concern, I suppose, but in all honesty, my main concern is that he¬†runs a competent administration. My secondary concern is his ideological purity.

Why? Well, the dead-enders who continue to defend our current president tended to paint any criticism of Bush as a strictly partisan and ideological in nature. Blinded by their own partisan devotions, they refused to accept what most of America now sees as obvious: Bush is an incompetent boob. And I for one certainly would not have been so disgusted with his presidency if the competence were there even when I didn’t care for his philosophy. So at this point I’m less concerned about whether or not Obama will lead from the center or the left than if he will simply lead and govern competently.


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