m a r k a n d e y a


Posted by Brian on December 4, 2008

HEre’s what I ate today:

  • One bowl of cereal: 300 calories
  • Seven Triscuits: 120 calories
  • Lean Gourment Sesame Chicken: 270 calories
  • Taco Del Mar Taco  Salad: 930 calories

Total caloriues intake for the day: 1,620.  And if you subtract the 500 calories I burned a the gym my net intake was 1,120 calories.

Today was tough because having the Taco Salad required eating light the rest of the day. It was worth it, though.

One Response to “Wednesday”

  1. Jerry said

    Hi Brian,
    Just a little curious. I don’t see you counting any beverages. Are you just drinking water?
    Anyway, congrats on being disciplined about your eating. As my years go by, my waist size is ever increasing. Starting this month, I have been cooking more (healthy-style) and exercising. It’s a good feeling.
    Be well,

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