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End of an error…

Posted by Brian on January 20, 2009

From today’s Seattle Post-Intelligencer:


Today marks the end of a long personal and national nightmare: the last few hours of the George W. Bush administration.

I remember back in 2000 when I was gearing up for the election by reading about Gore and Bush. What I read about Bush scared me and I just knew that he would be a disaster for the country. I knew then what most everyone seems to know now, that Bush lacks the intellect, judgment, temperment, and political skills to be president.  That information was out there and open for everyone to see… it didn’t require visiting obscure websites or swimming through newspaper archives. 

So I told everyone I could to vote for Gore that year, and to some extent, it worked, as Gore got more votes than Bush did.  Unfortunately, in our broken system, getting more votes isn’t good enough, and through hardball politics and a bit of policial larceny, Bush’s cronies managed to steal the election for him.

Fast forward to 2004. People like me were very unhappy with the president’s performance and at the same time wanted a bit of revenge for the 2000 election theft.  So on my blog I devoted a great deal of attention to the numerous shortcomings and failure of President Bush in hopes that I could play a role in convincing people to do the right thing and not support Bush this time. Alas, for all my patriotic effort, I was lambasted and abused by commentators (all of whom have mysteriously disappeared since… I wonder if they are still defending this president at other blogs) here. But despite our collective fervor, Bush won with a bit of help from trumped up terror alerts and some funny vote counting out of Ohio.  People like me were completely crushed; how could such a poor president get re-elected?

Now, it’s January 2008 and Bush has his bags packed by the door. He’s going out the door as one of our least-liked presidents in modern history. As a memento, he’s leaving us with a shattered economy, two failing wars, an internaitonal reputation in shambles, and record deficits. Thanks, George!

SO as companies close down and people lose their jobs and AMerican soldiers die overseas, I often wonder how people could have been so blind to the obvious warning signs. It’s not like he’s been a stellar president fro most of the time and things just unraveled at the end. He was bad from the get-go, yet he was able to get enough votes in 2004 to continue his mis-rule. How is this possible?

So I sit here, fully vindicated. I was right about this president and those who voted for him were wrong. I put my country first and voted wisely, Bush voters were simply too lazy, partisan, ignorant, or uncaring to do anything other than what they did.  And frankly, given their lack of concern over Bush’s incompetence, I think they need to spend the next 8 years of President Obama with their mouths shut while the adults try to run the country. You had a chance to hold our elected eladers accountable and blew it.

I hope the history books crush this president and I hope the people who enabled him in the voting booth think long and hard abotu how they make their voting decisions. Either vote smart or don’t vote at all. No more of this “I voted for the guy I want to have a beer with bullshit.”

Bush is the worst president we have ever had. That’s a fact. Through his policies, he has damaged our economy, wasted AMerican lives, inspired terrorists around the globe, and provoked a strong, worldwide, anti-American backlash that will only make it more difficult for Obama to work with other countries.

Bye Dubya aka Halfwit Hotspur aka Chimpy. I will not miss your smirk, your arrogance, your idiocy, or your constant butchering of the English language. And I do hope you are brought up on charges in an international court for all of the lives and families you have ruined. You deserve it…


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