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STanding O

Posted by Brian on May 7, 2009

EVery now and then I’ll watch some Fox news just to get an idea of what things are like on planet Red STate. I find myself watching with the same sort of curiosity I might have were I to watch a documentary on lost Borneo tribes Amazonion cannibals… freaky stuffy.

SO yesterday, they ran a new expose on why the press corps were standing up when Obama entered the room but not when Bush did the same. To demonstrate this, they cherry picked 3 clips from the Bush era and one clip from the Obama days… clearly irrefutable proof.

I don’t really care if this is true or not, I just found it interesting that with the country in such a mess that Fox NEws would devote 2 minutes of air time to discuss such a minor and trivial issue, as if all the people out there losing their jobs can’t sleep at night because the press is excessively obseqious to Obama. The damn liberal press!

But obviously, Fox NEws knows their audience and this is just the sort of story that they would eat up. For these folks, it’s much more relevant and important than, say, Obama’s efforts to shore up the economy or his progress on the diplomatic front. They would rather hear about crackpot liberal conspiracies than anything of any substance.

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