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Top 20 Horror Movies since 1989

Posted by Brian on August 6, 2009

Entertainment Weekly just did one of their slideshows listing their top 20 horro movies of the past 20 years. I agree with some of their picks, disagree with others. HEre’s my take.

First off, without commenting on their position on the list, here are the movies that I agree are deserving to be listed:

  • Dead/Alive: Gory, funny, and even more gory.
  • The Descent: THis movie really creeped me out… and it has a great “Boo” moment.
  • Misery: Not really a horror movie, but it was quite horrifying. Get that sledge hammer away form me.
  • Planet Terror: Cool movie. Love the attitude…
  • The Sixth Sense: I was lucky enough to be in Korea when this came out so the twist wasn’t spoiled.
  • Scream: Rejuvenated the slasher genre; deserves to be here.
  • The Blair Witch Project: It has its haters, but I found it be quite scary.
  • The Silence of the Lambs: No doubt…
  • Audition: Fuck yea…

The following movies I saw but disagree with their inclusion:

  • Darkman: Saw it once; didn’t impress me.
  • Event Horizon: Had some creepy moments but a pretty lame movie all-together.
  • SHaun of the Dead: A good movie, but seemed more like a comedy than a horror movie.
  • From Hell: I have vague memories of seeing this. It was OK.
  • Ring: I saw the Korean version. So-so…
  • Alien 3: Not sure why this is here. The worst ALien movie…
  • Drag me to Hell: Again, not sure why this qualifies as one of the best. Good movie, but…
  • What Lies Beneath: I vaguely remember seeing this movie and liking it. But top 20?
  • 28 Weeks Later: I liked the first one more.

The following two movies I have not seen so can’t comment:

  • The Kingdom: THe Euopean one.
  • Hostel: 2: Saw the first one… it was OK.

SO, I have 9 movies I agree with and 11 that I either disagree with or can’t comment on. What 11 movies would I add to complete my own top 20 list? Here goes:

  • The Others: This movie provided some great scares. Loved it.
  • Quarantine: Non-stop suspense… great use of the hand-held shaky-cam.
  • House of a 1,000 Corpses: Rob Zombie did a better 70’s horro film than many directors in the 70’s. Great film…
  • Ichi the Killer: The Japanese make good horro movies.
  • Dawn of the Dead (remake): I had concerns about remaking such a classic but Zack Snyder did a really good job. He helped breathe some new life into the zombie genre.
  • Cloverfield: Some might bicker with my classification of this movie as a horror movie, but I think it qualifies.
  • Cabin Fever: Nothing says horror like flesh-eating bacteria.
  • Slither: Sort of like Dead/Alive for a new generation. Both funny and gory.
  • 28 Days Later: BTW, it’s not a zombie movie. But it’s still a good  horror movie.
  • For the last two spots, I’m not quite sure. As for now, I think I’ll list Saw and The Ruins, both of which were very good.

Agree? Disagree? LEave a comment…


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West Wing

Posted by Brian on November 11, 2008

After going through the final season of West Wing on TV I was pretty impressed with the way the show ended. I heard that some of the middle seasons were lacking but the final season with the over-arching election tory between Alan Alda’s Vinnick and Jimmy SMits’ Santos was great drama.

Anyway, I was curious about the live debate episode they did and found a blog article on the episode with the following comment:

BTW, if you aren’t familiar with (Fred) Thompson, watch him at work on Law and Order Criminal Intent as DA Arthur Branch. Damn I wish he’d run for president.

Note that that was written in November of 2005. I guess he got his wish… I wonder if it was everything he wanted.

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Creepshow 3

Posted by Brian on December 29, 2007

My wife and I made the mistake of renting Creepshow 3 last night. It is, in all honesty, quite possible the worst movie ever made. Do yourself a favor and stay far, far away from it.

Part of the problem is that it came from a Redbox unit, which are automated DVD dispensers that can be found at supermarkets these days.  At any given time, they only offer a handful of decent movies, while the rest is mostly straight-to-video trash (Bring it On and American Pie sequels, for example). I try to avoid renting from it but my wife likes the convenience. Even though she often ends up complaining abotu the movies she gets there…

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Film Threat on D-War

Posted by Brian on September 24, 2007

The (long-awaited) Film Threat review of D-War is finally online. Their verdict: 1.5 stars, and the reviewer calls it a “disasterpiece.”

I saw it again over the weekend with my wife and father and, once again, I found myself enjoying it in all its goofy glory. It just requires the right mindset to enjoy, I think.

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Posted by Brian on September 8, 2007

I was finally able to finish off season 3 of Lost, which I had Tivoed while I was away in Korea. I’ve mentioned by dissatisfaction with the early episodes of season 3 (pretty much everything that occured before I left), but I have to admit that the season took a sharp upswing in my absence and ended very well. I especially enjoyed the introduction of the “flashforward” concept, showing the survivors after they have returned. I guess we won’t be seeing any such stories for poor Charlie, though.

In other TV news, I’m looking forward to the upcoming new seasons of Battlestar Galactica and Heroes.

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Posted by Brian on August 6, 2007

After reading comments like this one (“…worst movie I have ever seen”), and comments at this Marmot’s thread, and this review here, I went to the theater to see D-War with very, very low expectations. In fact, one of the main reasons that I wanted see it was just because I’m still kicking myself for not seeing Yonggari in theaters 8 or so years ago when that rotten egg was stinking up theaters nationwide. So I paid my 4,000W for the early Sunday showing expecting to do no more than kill some time. But you know what…

I liked D-War. I liked it a lot.

Sure, the acting wasn’t that great, and the CGI is hardly Lucas Arts quality, and the story was pretty dumb, but all in all, I had a pretty good time watching the movie. I think the director has a real talent for engaging action scenes… the chaotic ending with Chosun stormtroopers, flying dragons, and (unmarked, I noticed) National Guard weaponry was a real blast! I also enjoyed the Lord of the Rings-style Chosun-era battle between rocket-armed dinosaurs, the aforementioned stormtroopers, and some poor Korean village.

It was goofy, goofy fun that I found very appealing; in fact, I found it be even better than 1408, another movie I saw recently.

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Iron Man

Posted by Brian on July 19, 2007

There is a picture of the new Iron Man suit from the upcoming Iron Man movies online at imdb.com. I must say… it does look pretty cool. And I think Robert Downey will make an excellent Tony Stark.

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Two movies, twice

Posted by Brian on July 8, 2007

I saw not just one but two movies over the weekend for the second time.

I saw Transformers again on Saturday morning… the 9am show is only 4,000W, which I think is quite reasonable. I enjoyed it just as much the second time around…

I also saw The Descent, a really good horror movie that I saw last year in the states. Besides being scary as hell and deserving of a second viewing, it was also worthwhile to see again because it is the UK version of the film, which is different from what I saw last year back home. The UK version has a different ending (only about an extra 30 seconds), that makes for a much more depressing finish.

Both movies are worht your time and money, I think.

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